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Pogo Studio’s Tailored Talks is a content presentation platform designed to help clinicians generate a fully personalised and bespoke set of information for an individual patient and their family. This ensures that they are fully informed and aware of all of the options and associated risks when it comes to treating their condition.

Tailored Talks represents a unique offering to both the UK and global medical markets and has the potential to revolutionise communication between clinicians and patients, empowering patients to make personal decisions about their treatment options and giving clinicians confidence that they are explaining risks and options fully and clearly.

Tailored Talks is currently being used in partnership with NHS Lothian and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland, to help patients as they are coming out of an Intensive Care Unit after having COVID-19. It will ensure the patient and their family is given the correct and specific bespoke information that is relevant to them, both when they are in hospital and when they return home.

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